Hello World

To whoever is reading this right now, welcome to my new blog and hello!

Originally, I wanted to start a YouTube channel, but I realized that don’t feel comfortable showing my face in front of many people on video. However, I still do want to get my ideas and thoughts out to the world. Twitter wouldn’t work; it’s too short and tweeting I feel is best suited for small bursts of thought than long ones like this. Facebook, I feel iffy about it.

Eventually I decided to start my own blog, again. I actually started to blog before with a friend, but it didn’t push through and I shut that site down. So yes, I’m back lol.

I guess since this is the first blog post, I might as well start with a self introduction of myself.

My name is Ayappi. It’s a combination of Ayata and ppi, which came from pyon, which came from the fact that I was born in the year of the rabbit. Coincidentally, it’s the nickname given to Aya in Mahou Shoujo Site by Nijimi.

As you probably have realized from the above, I am an anime fan. While I’m not part of my school’s anime club, I like anime. I also like to read manga, play video games, technology, take care of fish, play badminton, run, and most importantly, appreciate Japan. No I’m not talking about anime by itself (I was like this at one point however). I’m talking about appreciating Japan period.

I am a huge Japanophile (or weeaboo, whatever floats your boat), and I really love Japan and its culture, customs, people, etc. Also, I can actually speak and communicate in the language, and I learned mostly entirely by myself. No classes or teachers, just me, my dictionary, my relatives and the internet. Currently I’m learning a dialect (Kansai).

I think I ran out of things to say, so I’ll end it here for now.

Thank you for reading. Content is slowly going to come, don’t worry! よろしくお願いします。

Bye for now!


What sort of content will you be posting? 

Anything that interests me really. Expect a lot of posts pertaining to Japan however.