Ayappi’s Room YouTube Channel and the Fate of the Blog

Ayappi here again! And I wanted to give you all an update on the YouTube channel, as well as set the deal as to what will happen to the blog.


Asagiri Aya who shares the nickname Ayappi with me in Ayappi’s Room Reacting to a Blog Entry on Ayappi’s Room’s Youtube channel, Ayappi’s Room.

Channel preparations I could say are generally going well. Channel name has been decided, and I will retain Ayappi’s Room (thank you Umai Yomu Anime Blog). I already worked out the channel art, though I might change it out soon. I’m considering on commissioning an artist to make us an avatar for the channel actually, something like Pi-kun (trap mode of course). If you want to subscribe early you could do so by going to the channel through this link (YouTube has an algorithm that basically prevents me from being visible to their search engine if I haven’t posted more than 2 videos). Equipment wise, we are all set for recording my face and voice. Until I could manage to afford a DSLR camera for videos, I’ll be using my phone. Judging from a few test shots I made, it will do a fine job of recording me. I also ordered a cheap tripod and phone mount for it so my face won’t be shaking all the time.


Channel At Its Current State. #WEEBUILT

When it comes to what the first video will be, as of right now I’m working on the script for the first video. I’ve decided with much deliberation that I would be doing a manga recommendation style video, much like my manga recommendation entries here on Ayappi’s Room. Probably that, recording the damn thing and piece it together, and coming up with a solid channel intro, or leave it out altogether, is all that’s left. I honestly could make a crappy intro video using Powerpoint but that isn’t how we roll here. I might commission someone to make an intro for me (not those 3D dubstep intros you see on most new channels), but we’ll see. The logo will appear more or less, I love my 6 pointed star seal ❤

With that said, I think it’s fairly obvious that the YouTube channel is set to push through and there is no stopping me, other than YouTube shutting down completely or my final exams for the semester which are drawing closer every single day. What will happen to the blog now then? Will I toast it forever and completely decommission it?


The short answer is no. 

The blog in its current form will be repurposed as a complimentary website for the Youtube channel, especially given how YouTube’s (annoying) algorithm is coded based on my research. Like I said previously, I won’t be in the channel search results until maybe the 2nd video, and even then it takes long for the search results to refresh with new channels, videos and the like. Please expect entries containing my videos for maybe until the 10th video, but I probably won’t even get to the 10th video. I’m honestly not sure what will happen, let’s just wait and see.

After I deem that I do not need to post entries in the blog anymore about new video releases, the entries in the blog will mostly be any of the following:

  • Anything that would most likely land me a community strike on YouTube, or a copyright strike
  • Emergency announcements
  • Contests and giveaway details (I’m not even sure if I’ll reach this point but you get the idea)
  • Business details and other business related matters (Again, not even sure if I’ll reach this point but why the hell not)

Again, like I said in my previous entry on the subject matter, which you can read here. Ayappi’s Room is NOT dying. It will be reborn like a phoenix. Look at my logo. Imagine that’s a phoenix and not a six pointed star or a five pointed star that looked at some hentai. 

To the 38 subscribers (at the time of writing, and to all the new ones after), thank you for subscribing to Ayappi’s Room as a blog. It may not be in the million mark but trust me, you all make me really happy. I will still be posting content, just not here, but in a more hostile environment called YouTube. #WEEBUILT Ayappi’s Room. I hope to see you all too in YouTube! ❤

You can also follow me on Twitter or Instagram for quick updates on the channel at @ayapipipiiin. Oh and if any of you have a YouTube channel, let me know down in the comments or on Twitter so I can put you in the “Ayappi’s Roommates” tab on the right of my channel. I’m open to include maybe 2 or 3 more?

Again, thank you for the journey on WordPress. Let’s see each other again, on YouTube. And what better way to end this entry than by doing the stereotypical Youtuber “back at it again with another entry, don’t forget to subscribe, like this video if you like it, like it if you dislike it, and don’t forget to subscribe to the like I mean channel.” (I’ll do my best not to be like this).





I Changed My Mind

Hello! Ayappi here \\\\٩( ‘ω’ )و ////

I’ll make this entry quick and painless.

Due to recent events with and without people I’d much rather not talk about for the sake of their privacy, I won’t be pushing through with the lolita stuff. Also, after a bit of soul searching, self reflection, motivation to improve upon my production (especially videography) skills and peer pressure from my friends over at university, I have decided that I will be starting “blogging” again however, it won’t be on this site.

You might be asking why I put air quotes on that blogging bit. Now if you’ve followed me since the very beginning, you’ll know that I wanted to use WordPress as my platform because I wasn’t comfortable with the whole Youtube thing. Well people change and I’m glad to announce that Ayappi’s room will now be in the form of a Youtube channel anytime, this year. As far as channel names are concerned, I’m leaning towards either keeping Ayappi’s room or using my other name, Astella’s Observatory.

The content of the Youtube channel would largely be the same as the stuff I posted here on Ayappi’s room, however I might do more focus on the yuri/yaoi side of things, as well as some vlogs.

I will be posting the channel link when the first video goes live as a separate entry over here, as well as on my Twitter and Instagram (@yasitsmeastella) accounts.

Thank you all for the ride! Ayappi’s room is NOT dying, it’ll be reborn in YouTube as either one of the two names I just said (^◇^). The six pointed star lives on ❤

Please do support the channel once it goes live! If you have YouTube channels as well please let me know any tips and anything I should know o3o

Why I haven’t been updating the blog

Hello, it’s me Ayappi, or ASTEllA as per my rebrand on Twitter. m(_ _)m

To my blog followers, and to the amazing friends I have made in the aniblogging community you might be wondering why I haven’t updated Ayappi’s Room for a good 2+ months now. But before I start explaining myself let me first apologize if I have kept any of you waiting, or have been wondering about my sudden disappearance.


Okay, now on to the reason why I’m writing this article. It all boils down to three main reasons: personal life, I ran out of ideas, and a new hobby/interest of mine.

My course in university is a very reading intensive one. I wouldn’t say it’s on par with something like law school, but it is certainly near. Especially considering how we have a law subject right now in my present semester. Comparative politics, economics, culture classes, international law and IR, these are all topics where the required readings are at minimum 20-40 pages each. So reading all of these eats up a good amount of time. Add this with this trend I’ve noticed with my professors, where they dump everything at you in one go, dysfunctional group mates and night classes, I don’t have that much time, compared to when I started this, to think of (good) blog articles to post for the blog. The time I used to have typing up articles is now used to type up (or cram) papers, reports, proposals for my professors, or huge walls of texts to go “beastmode” on bad group mates.

Mind you I still have free time despite these circumstances. It’s not as much compared to before, but it’s still free time. But even when I do have free time…

Moving on to reason #2.

I simply can’t think of a good blog post to do anymore. I’ll be honest, for some reason I just can’t think of one. Yes sure, there are tons of new anime to watch out there, or new manga to read. But for some reason, even when I do find time to read the latest chapter of Insert Japanese Words here, the words don’t come into my head like they used to back when I started this blog.

Now I don’t know if this is all temporary, like the “artist’s slump,” or it has something to do with the level of stress I’m experiencing from academics and my personal life, but it doesn’t change the fact that my brain is dry. And honestly, I would much rather not post anything at all than force myself to think, risking my blog’s credibility, and eventually losing it because I forced myself too much that the thing I wrote turned out to be a piece of crap. As much as possible, I’m not someone who skimps out just to meet a certain “deadline.”

Though if anything, I think it has (partly) to do with the fact that I got into a new hobby.

Which brings us on to Reason #3.

I recently got into cosplay and lolita fashion thanks to a kohai of mine in university who happened to be a cosplayer, and I will be doing a shoot soon. I am still undecided on what to go for first (my cosplan or lolita dresses, though I’m leaning towards the latter), but you bet it will happen.

Now wait a minute, you might be thinking, why do I have the time to do this shoot but not write for the blog? As I’ve said, I’d rather not force myself to write if I don’t have any ideas and eventually churn out a piece of crap just to meet “deadlines.” This shoot will certainly take time, but it will most likely be a one day affair, unlike the multiple days it takes me to conceptualize ideas and write (most) posts in here. Mind you, I’ve been thinking about most of the stuff I posted in this blog for a good while now, that’s why they got released so fast. Add to the fact that there’s less mental work to be done (at least for me), I could just reallocate the brain power to writing papers for my classes.

Also it’s lowkey been my dream to wear lolita dresses or cosplay.

I really don’t know how to explain this, but this is the best I got as of now so here.
Again, I’m sorry I haven’t been updating the blog. Will there be future updates? Probably, if the words come into my mind, but no promises.

AGain, I’m sorry, and please have a good day!

Hello World

To whoever is reading this right now, welcome to my new blog and hello!

Originally, I wanted to start a YouTube channel, but I realized that don’t feel comfortable showing my face in front of many people on video. However, I still do want to get my ideas and thoughts out to the world. Twitter wouldn’t work; it’s too short and tweeting I feel is best suited for small bursts of thought than long ones like this. Facebook, I feel iffy about it.

Eventually I decided to start my own blog, again. I actually started to blog before with a friend, but it didn’t push through and I shut that site down. So yes, I’m back lol.

I guess since this is the first blog post, I might as well start with a self introduction of myself.

My name is Ayappi. It’s a combination of Ayata and ppi, which came from pyon, which came from the fact that I was born in the year of the rabbit. Coincidentally, it’s the nickname given to Aya in Mahou Shoujo Site by Nijimi.

As you probably have realized from the above, I am an anime fan. While I’m not part of my school’s anime club, I like anime. I also like to read manga, play video games, technology, take care of fish, play badminton, run, and most importantly, appreciate Japan. No I’m not talking about anime by itself (I was like this at one point however). I’m talking about appreciating Japan period.

I am a huge Japanophile (or weeaboo, whatever floats your boat), and I really love Japan and its culture, customs, people, etc. Also, I can actually speak and communicate in the language, and I learned mostly entirely by myself. No classes or teachers, just me, my dictionary, my relatives and the internet. Currently I’m learning a dialect (Kansai).

I think I ran out of things to say, so I’ll end it here for now.

Thank you for reading. Content is slowly going to come, don’t worry! よろしくお願いします。

Bye for now!


What sort of content will you be posting? 

Anything that interests me really. Expect a lot of posts pertaining to Japan however.