I Changed My Mind

Hello! Ayappi here \\\\٩( ‘ω’ )و ////

I’ll make this entry quick and painless.

Due to recent events with and without people I’d much rather not talk about for the sake of their privacy, I won’t be pushing through with the lolita stuff. Also, after a bit of soul searching, self reflection, motivation to improve upon my production (especially videography) skills and peer pressure from my friends over at university, I have decided that I will be starting “blogging” again however, it won’t be on this site.

You might be asking why I put air quotes on that blogging bit. Now if you’ve followed me since the very beginning, you’ll know that I wanted to use WordPress as my platform because I wasn’t comfortable with the whole Youtube thing. Well people change and I’m glad to announce that Ayappi’s room will now be in the form of a Youtube channel anytime, this year. As far as channel names are concerned, I’m leaning towards either keeping Ayappi’s room or using my other name, Astella’s Observatory.

The content of the Youtube channel would largely be the same as the stuff I posted here on Ayappi’s room, however I might do more focus on the yuri/yaoi side of things, as well as some vlogs.

I will be posting the channel link when the first video goes live as a separate entry over here, as well as on my Twitter and Instagram (@yasitsmeastella) accounts.

Thank you all for the ride! Ayappi’s room is NOT dying, it’ll be reborn in YouTube as either one of the two names I just said (^◇^). The six pointed star lives on ❤

Please do support the channel once it goes live! If you have YouTube channels as well please let me know any tips and anything I should know o3o



  1. I think both names are great, just depends on the image you want the name to convey.
    To me, Astella’s Observatory sounds more analytical, while Ayappi’s Room sounds more casual / relaxed.
    Best of luck with the channel!

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